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Discover the Power Within
If you are looking for a "magic pill", the best place to look might be within you.  

In the Hatha Yoga context, Amrita refers to the awakening of the life forces within to produce an endowment of strength, energy and freedom from disease. At Amrita Yoga we will help you to discover your power within.

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Heal Yourself
Juice Up
Walk on Air
Feel overwhelmed — experiencing inexplicable health issues or anxiety? 
Do you feel low energy and out of sync? Come rediscover a healthy life-balance and your innate harmony with nature.

Middling along and stuck in a pattern, of reasonable health but without zest? 
Arouse the energy and creativity within. Experience pristine moments — flushing away years of mental residue.​
Build a practice to feel the spontaneity 
and enthusiasm of a child, the buoyancy of a teenager and the awareness and wisdom of a discriminating adult.​