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The School
•  Yoga Asanas

•  Meditation

•  Pranayama (yogic breathing)

•  Sound resonance techniques

•  Stress Management workshops

•  Cleansing techniques

•  Deep relaxation

Amrita Yoga — based in San Mateo, California — provides yoga classes and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our approach is non-extreme, with a graded intensity that is appropriate to a person's needs and abilities.

The school’s philosophy is that each one of us has the power, the power to heal one’s physiological and mental problems and the school’s role is to guide and mentor participants to actualize this through yoga. What is required of the students is dedication and commitment and to trust in your own abilities.

Yoga is appropriate for nearly everyone and is almost a necessity in the hullabaloo of life today.

Yoga is stretching. Yoga is re-discovering the rhythms of breathing and the homeostasis of life. Yoga is about perfect centering of the mind. It is energizing oneself, calming oneself and sustaining that perfect equilibrium.

The techniques that are used in a class are commensurate with the level of development and ability of the individual and are tuned to his or her respective needs.

The school's practices and techniques are based on Ashtanga Yoga and Raja Yoga principles. Core practices include:
About the Instructor

V Raghuram (Raghu) grew 
up in Bangalore, India.  
A business management 
graduate from IIM Calcutta, 
he was worked in numerous 
technology companies in India and the Silicon Valley — immersed in the pleasures and stresses of modern day life. An avid tennis player, golfer and skier, he turned to yoga in the 90s to find respite physically and mentally.

Raghu’s experience with yoga has grown with time. In 2003 he trained to become an instructor, quickly following up with a three month intensive yoga therapist program at Svyasa, Bangalore. Since then he has been teaching and guiding participants of all hues in individual one-on-one practice and group sessions. 

Raghu has assisted clients, over the years, with back, knee pain, pulmonary fibrosis, cancer, heart, digestive issues. He has worked with coaches, student athletes, and individuals with developmental needs. He encourages individuals and families interested to seek and find good health. He has trained Yoga Instructors for over 4 years in groups of 15-25 students.

Raghu lives in San Mateo, California with his wife and two kids. He loves nature, the outdoors, music and the wonders of silence.

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