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Life and our well-being works in so many seen and unseen ways. Exploring the unseen leads us to magical experiences, a whole new way of understanding life and our individual and collective well-being. Understanding ancestors and our relationships with them is one such thing.

We are here because of our ancestors. Ancestors here being not just your immediate parents or grandparents, rather generations. Remembering them, showing gratitude and being of service to them are aspects to consider.

Ancestor Service  
We live in the physical realm now, once dead we live on in the astral realm in conditions similar to our current lives; serving your ancestors helps them in their lives in the astral realm. Serving them materially, in thoughts (healing) and spiritually helps them enormously in their journey, their next lives and their salvation. They in turn are always looking out for you and your interests and are actually guiding and helping you in this life and in future lives.

How do you offer service?
Keeping them and their welfare in your thoughts a couple of minutes a day. Offering flowers and food once a day via a simple altar while expressing yourself to them sincerely brings rich shared spiritual connections and well-being.

Inner most attitude in your relationship with ancestors: 
Gratitude, thankfulness, apology, well-being, soul to soul detached from physical relationship.